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FiiO X3 Mark III Digital Audio Player with Bluetooth 4.1 (Red)

FiiO X3 Mark III Digital Audio Player With Bluetooth 4.1 (Red)


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Styled in red, the FiiO X3 Mark III is a high-resolution portable audio player with a host of ancillary functions and features. For instance, it can double as an asynchronous USB DAC capable of handling 192 kHz/24-bit PCM files. The player is also Bluetooth 4.1 enabled, though not at the expense of fidelity. Three separate PCBs have been utilized in the construction of this mobile player: one for the digital section, one for analog amplification, and another for Bluetooth.


-Plays DSD, PCM, & Lossy Files
-2 x PCM5242 DAC Chips
-Doubles as USB DAC up to 192 kHz/24-bit
-Separated Op-Amp & Filtering Chips
-Up to 256GB Storage
-3.5mm & Balanced 2.5mm Headphone Outs
-3.5mm Out Doubles as Coaxial Out
-Bluetooth 4.1 Enabled
-Multifunction Button
-Thinner & Lighter Than Previous Models

What's In The Box

FiiO X3 Mark III Digital Audio Player with Bluetooth 4.1 (Red)
High-Current Micro-USB Data/Charging Cable
Coaxial Digital Adapter
2 x Screen Protectors (1 Already Affixed)
TPU Clear Case
Leatherette Case
Hi-Res Sticker

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