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IdolCam Silver Package Pocketable 4K Gimbal Camera

IdolCam Silver Package Pocketable 4K Gimbal Camera

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Born in Silicon Valley and introduced on Kickstarter, the IDOLCAM Pocketable 4K Gimbal Camera is designed as an all-in-one, ultra-compact 4K video camera system for vlogging, and it is suitable for many other applications as well. The IDOLCAM is about as small as an action camera and features 3-axis gimbal stabilization, an interchangeable lens system, a flip-up touchscreen monitor, an external microphone port, and the ability to remotely pan and tilt the lens from an iOS/Android app. Furthermore, a direct-attach, magnetic ring light designed specifically for the IDOLCAM is included and completes the system. Kit 1 consists of the camera, the ring light, one wide-angle lens, one ultra-wide fisheye lens, a rechargeable battery, and a USB cable for charging the battery and transferring files.

Generally, highly compact cameras have one built-in ultra-wide lens. The IDOLCAM, on the other hand, allows you to switch out a wide lens for a telephoto or macro lens and every other type in between. It supports compact M12-mount lenses used in the surveillance and action cam industries and which are available in a wide variety at relatively affordable prices. The IDOLCAM's stabilization system is a mini 3-axis gimbal with close-loop sensors and motors that stabilize the lens. It's similar to the 3-axis gimbals used in drones. The IDOLCAM also has a built-in mic and built-in speaker, and it captures 12MP photos as well as 14 and 16MP photos through interpolation. This high-resolution photo capture capability combined with the flip-up monitor, the ability to set the camera down on a table, and the ability to adjust the lens from an app, makes the IDOLCAM an ideal system for individual and group selfies.

With the IDOLCAM being so small and lightweight, you can easily perform rich, cinematic crane shots using just a standard selfie stick. Alternatively, using the 1/4"-20 mounting thread on the bottom, the IDOLCAM can be used on pretty much any other support that has a 1/4"-20 mounting screw, including a grip handle.

The IDOLCAM has virtually everything one needs for shooting an entire project, and most of the features are ready for use the moment you turn the camera on. For most YouTubers, the IDOLCAM leaves little to be desired. The IDOLCAM is powered by an included removable battery, and it stores your recordings and photos to microSD cards up to 128GB, sold separately.


3 axis Gimbal: A mini 3 axis gimbal with close-loop sensors and motors that stabilize the lens to achieve stable video.

Total Weight: 275g with battery, 250g without battery.

Magnetic Interchangeable Lens: One of the kind lens mounting system leveraging the readily available M12 lens from the action camera and security camera industry. Making lens changes a snap!

Magnetic Interchangeable Ring light: fill in shadow on user's face. Beauty and spot light are available.

Magnetic Interchangeable spot light: mood lighting on the subject, providing lighting on the central area of the frame.

180 Rotational Touchscreen: easily view monitor from all angle to expand the user scenario.

Moving TimeLapse: Dynamic Time-lapse without the need for additional motorized time-lapse head.

Remote Framing: Allow users to control the angle of the lens with our App through the smartphone. User will be able to preview video and snap the perfect selfies

What's In The Box

Wide Angle Lens
Protective Hard Case
Beauty Light

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