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InstaPlunge Electric Plunger System - Unclog and Clear Toilet and Drain Blockage with a Push of a Button, Works in Seconds to Clear Toilets, Shower Drains, Bathroom/Kitchen Sink (Blue/Grey)


InstaPlunge Electric Plunger easily clears toilet and drain clogs with a push of a button, never call a plumber again! It works by automatically filling up with air pressure at the desired PSI in seconds and with a push of a button a blast of air is sent through your pipe to push the blockage through to clear and open the pipe. Hassle Free with a Convenient PSI Guide on the Device. Perfect for All Bathrooms, Home, Office, Nursing homes, Businesses, Schools ect. Keep on hand for problematic toilets, sinks and showers to clear the pipes regularly to maintain optimal drainage and clear away any buildup. Directions For Use: Plug in and turn switch on until the desired PSI is reached, Turn switch off, Unplug plunger, Insert front end of plunger into standing water with the appropriate head attached, Hold firmly over drain and push button to fire, Repeat if necessary. Do not use together with chemical drain opener or directly after using chemicals in toilet or drain


Comes With Multiple Attachable Heads for all types of Drains including the new inflatable toilet head that create air tight seal and prevent any backsplash. Included is also a convenient storage bag that can store the plunger and all the accessories in one easy to use case.
Safe For All Pipes, No Harmful Chemicals, Environmentally Friendly, Use on all your drains as maitenence to prevent buildup and keep your drain clear
Simple and Easy to Use, Fix Your Clog In Seconds! no more manual labor trying to unclog your toilet or drain with a manual plunger or snake, let this electric plunger do all the work! Just plug it in, turn on to desired psi, unplug and push the button to blast away the blockage, its really as simple as that :)
No need to pay to have someone come fix the backup, InstaPlunge Pays for itself after the first use!
Made of High Quality ABS Plastic this product was made to last and give you security that if you do have a clogged drain or toilet it can be fixed qui

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