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Ultimaxx AC/DC Rapid Home & Travel Charger with BX1 Extended Life Battery

Ultimaxx AC/DC Rapid Home & Travel Charger With BX1 Extended Life Battery


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The Ultimaxx AC/DC Rapid Home & Travel Charger is a versatile charger for all BX1 models of batteries including Sony NP-BX1. Its dock style design ensures your battery is secure and charging properly. Meanwhile, the indicator light lets you know the status of your battery with red signifying charging and green denoting a fully charged battery. The included car charging cable supports powering up on-the-go while the EU wall plug adapter can be used out of the country making it ideal for anyone planning a trip.

The Ultimaxx BX1 Extended Life Battery is perfect for any camera that utilizes Sony NP-BX1 batteries. With an increased storage capacity of 1600mAh and 5.7Wh, this battery allows for longer camera use leaving more time to shoot and edit on the go. Containing a decoded chip, this product will function exactly as the stock battery does by displaying leftover time and does not require a special charger. The composition ensures a memory-free battery which permits charging whenever convenient instead of waiting until it is fully drained.


Compatibility - Sony Cyber-Shot M8, DSC-HX80, HX90V, HX95, HX99, HX350, RX1, RX1R II, RX100, FDR-X3000, HDR-AS50, HDR-300
Specifications – Energy Storage Capacity: 1600mAh / Voltage: 3.6V / Watt Hours: 5.7Wh / Composition: Lithium-Ion
Decoded Chip Permits Battery to Function as Original Providing Time Left and Not Requiring Special Charger
No Memory Offers Maximum Performance Allowing for Changing at Any Time; Provides Significantly Extended Shooting on Single Charge

What's In The Box

Ultimaxx AC/DC Rapid Home & Travel Charger for BX1 Model Batteries
Ultimaxx BX1 Extended Life Battery (1600mAh / 3.6V / 5.7Wh)

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